Fabregas: You can’t trust Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Cesc Fabregas has warned Arsenal not to rule out Manchester United from the title race based on his previous experience of the Premier League.

United currently sit eight points adrift from Arsenal at the top of the table after a shaky start to the season but Fabregas knows full well that it only takes a few wins on the bounce for any team to get themselves back into contention, least not United.

Sir Alex Ferguson‘s departure may have taken a factor away from United but Fabregas doesn’t think it will effect our chances.

“Ha ha! Yes, with Manchester United there is always talk about a dip, a dip, a dip and yet they always end up there, at the top. You can’t trust them,” Fabregas told the Daily Mail.

“It’s always the same. Ten years ago I arrived in England and I’ve been 10 years saying, “Look out this year, United might have a dip”, and in the end they are always there.”

Fabregas is right. Rule United out at your peril. Newcastle found that out the hard way in 1995/6. Liverpool found that out the hard way in 2008/9.

There have been times where United looked out of the race but in the face of adversity, we roared back to the top. It is the United way. Ferguson leaving won’t change that ethos.

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