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Nani slapped in the face as fans turn against him

by Sam Peoples

Nani was taken off against Stoke City to a chorus of boos after some fans felt aggrieved at his performance on the day but it is something that should never happen at Manchester United.

What does booing your own player ever achieve? The only thing it does is worsen any situation and what our team needs right now is the full support of our fans. We shouldn’t degrade ourselves to childish boos in the face of adversity like so many other fans do.

The ironic thing about Nani being booed was that in a feature for the match day programme, Nani actually praised the fans’ support and thanked them for the understanding they had shown during a tough start to the season for United.

“We have the best fans in the world so they understand this period and they support us,” he said.

“We always want to do better than we are doing – unfortunately the results have not been the best, but they know we will always try to give them something to make them happy and show that the support they give us is not taken for granted.”

The fans did the complete opposite of that for Nani against Stoke.

Skip to 14.45.

David Moyes has responded to the fans who booed Nani and come out in support of the Portuguese winger.

“He is a regular and captain for Portugal so he is very talented,” he said.

“There were one or two decisions he might have made better, but he got us the (first) goal with a lovely ball. We have a lot of competition for places in the wide areas, incredible competition, and that is what we’re looking for.”

The thing that is most strange about this situation is that Nani was one of the only players who actually tried to make something happen. Given, a lot of it didn’t come off but would fans rather see a player shirk the responsibility of creating chances or try and fail?

Be disappointed with a player, vent your frustration among yourselves but never boo him off the pitch.

Image: Twitter/nemanjavidic_id

Thanks to @philgatt for providing Nani’s quotes from the match day programme

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