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Wayne Rooney needs to stop joking and have a change of heart

by Sam Peoples

Joe Hart once again hit the headlines for the wrong reason after a car crash of a mistake gifted Chelsea a 2-1 victory over Manchester City in a season that has been a catalogue errors.

His status as England’s #1 still remains (just) but he is far from the #1 goalkeeper in the Premier League let alone the world, so Rooney might have to backtrack on his patriotic claims in October 2012 that Hart was the best goalkeeper in the world.

Speaking on Twitter after City’s game against Dortmund at home in the UEFA Champions League, he said: “Have to say Joe Hart has been incredible. For me best keeper in the world.”

Hart isn’t even in the same pool as David de Gea right now. The Spaniard cemented his deserved place in the Premier League team of the year last season and has started this one off in similar form.

In just 18 months, he has transformed himself from a shy, unassuming teenager into a dominant and reliable presence in goal in what has been a remarkable turn around for him.

Instead of giving up in the face of adversity, he kicked back harder and turned his critics into plaudits whereas Hart has gone in the opposite direction after a fast rise into the City team.

There’s nothing like taking pleasure in the failure of your rivals and to see Hart struggle so much when De Gea is getting better with every performance is bliss, especially given how poorly De Gea was treated by the press at the start.

It has become cliche now but can you imagine what the reaction would have been if De Gea had made that mistake against Chelsea? The press would have eaten him alive.

Honourable mention to Hugo Lloris who has been excellent this season.

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