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Nani’s words of advice for Adnan Januzaj that he should listen to himself

by Sam Peoples

Nani has revealed that he gave his own advice to Adnan Januzaj a long time ago before he had become a senior Manchester United player.

The 18-year-old has gone from Under-18s football to the Moyes’ side in less than 18 months and has been so impressive in every appearance this season in what has been a meteoric rise to fame.

Despite that fast rise, Januzaj has taken everything in his side and speaking in United’s pre-match programme for the game against Stoke last weekend, Nani admitted he had given advice to Januzaj about decision making and that the senior players always try and help the youngsters at United.

“To be honest, I did advise him, but not now,” he said.

“This was a long time ago before he had his first opportunity. I saw that he is a good player so I gave him some advice and tried to help because we try to assist every player as we are good friends in the first team.

“I talked with him a little bit and just said that sometimes you need to pass the ball, sometimes you need to see the players around you to make a better decision.

“So he has been improving a lot and showed that he is an important player for the first team when he scored the two goals against Sunderland.

“He’s been playing well and that’s good to tell the other young lads that the opportunity is always there. They just need to show the passion and respect all the other players because that is very important.”

There was nothing but good intentions behind Nani’s words but in all honesty, he could do with listening to his own advice.

Against Stoke, he was wrongfully booed off the pitch but fans were frustrated with his poor decision making during the game. In contrast, Januzaj’s performance inspired the trademark turnaround.

Januzaj’s decision making is what has put him a class above any of our other wingers this season. In the past, Nani has been brilliant and his own decision making has been spot on but not recently.

He signed a new five year deal for the club this year and United fans are hoping that he can get back to his devastating 2010/11 form and if anything, Nani should be taking a leaf out of Januzaj’s book now given how well he is playing.

No matter how fast or how many tricks a winger has, his decision making ability is what will make or break him. So far this season, Nani hasn’t delivered but there is plenty of time for him to turn it around.

Image: Twitter/ManUtd

Thanks to @philgatt for providing the pictures of the match programme. 

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