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Ashley Young faces angry backlash from fans and David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. You’ve done it again.

Young’s exodus from Manchester United’s squad after his poor performance against Manchester City in the derby was greeted by raucous cheers from fans and he didn’t feature for a good few weeks, an absence which gave him an opportunity to re-think his approach to playing for United.

Yet tonight, once again, he felt the need to go down in the box and win a dubious penalty. Yes, there was no contact. No, there was not enough to go down.

David Moyes had previously warned Young about diving after he went down against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford and he made it clear how he felt about it.

He said: “I don’t want my players diving. It’s not what I want.

“Dikgacoi definitely throws his leg out but Ashley put his leg into his leg.”

Given how angry Moyes was about his dive against Palace, the fact that Young has come out and repeated the same mistake will do him no favours but in this scenario, Moyes has stood in his corner,

“I have seen it again,” Moyes said.

“The boy tugs him in the box. The referee is two yards away from it and decides to give it. He’s got a penalty kick for a decision tonight. I don’t know about his reputation but the referee is there and he gave it. The referee made decisions all night. He’s the one who saw fit to award a penalty and send a player off. I thought the referee made the decision and that was the referee’s choice.”

Despite his placid approach, Moyes will be bubbling inside after Young did specifically what he asked him not to. Young needs to impress Moyes in order to get into the starting XI, not make him angry.

I don’t know why Young does it because dive aside, he actually played very well when he came on. He instantly set-up Van Persie for his shot that hit the post and put in a couple of other good crosses. However, that isn’t going to be remembered because of his dive.

It wasn’t a surprise to see ‘Young’ and ‘diving’ trending in Manchester on Twitter because fans were furious to see Young come and repeat exactly the same action that frustrated fans ever since his arrival at Old Trafford.

Change your tune, Ashley.

Image: Twitter/BeardedGenius

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