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David Moyes throws criticism back in the face of accusations

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s performance against Arsenal was the best example so far at just how drilled David Moyes likes his players to be.

It was an almost flawless first half where United ran Arsenal into the ground and it was followed up by a measured decision to sit deeper in the second, ultimately a decision that paid off and it was a team victory.

Everybody was everywhere. Wayne Rooney ran 6.5 miles in 90 minutes and embodied the attitude that the whole side had against Arsenal. Leave nothing on the pitch. The whole team was fit, drilled and ready.

There had been previous criticisms of Moyes’ training methods with one Dutch coach going as far as to say they were ‘dinosaur’ but that criticism looks ill advised now.

In a Daily Mail article, they insist that United players knew precisely what to expect when Moyes arrived at the training round and they have clearly responded well to it.

Rooney admitted training under Moyes was more intense but has knuckled down. He looks as fit as he ever has been.

Jones said that Moyes had drilled them all week to work in a certain shape and United did precisely that. It was a very disciplined performance from front to back.

Moyes has got United looking as fit as ever and it is a testament to his training methods.

Like everything else this year, changes take time to fully implement themselves and there is a transition period. By the looks of the game against Arsenal, United may be reaching the end of the transition period with a streak of nine unbeaten games.

United got through the tough start to the season and are now looking very strong, so Moyes should be credited and not criticised for his role in that.

Image: Twitter/ManUnitedReport

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