Midfield starlet hints at potential return but captain wants Liverpool move for Daehli

by Tracey Germaine

Mats Moller Daehli has had a brilliant month and his performances since returning to Norway have seen him called up to the national side where he featured in their two recent friendlies against Denmark and Scotland.

The 18-year-old admitted he was both proud and surprised that he was selected to play for his country far sooner than he expected and hailed his time as a Manchester United player as where he was shaped as a player.

Speaking to Fotbal.nohe said: “It was great to play. Very fun. I got a lot of playing time as well. You try to show what you can do and I feel like I did that. Denmark is a team with many good players and a fast pace, but I like it when it goes fast.

“My time in Manchester United helped shape me as a player. I learned a lot, both positively and negatively.

“I became a stronger person and a better player in my time there. At one point I had to make a decision, however, and I chose Molde. I’m very happy with that. It was perfect choice for me.”

Daehli also dropped the first hint that he could find his way back to Old Trafford in the future when he admitted his ambition was to play for a big European club again, although he unsurprisingly didn’t go as far as name dropping United.

However, Norway captain Tom Hogli wants him to move to Liverpool and there are certainly going to be a lot of potential suitors for him when he does decide to make the move, so Solskjaer might need to have a word in his ear.

He added: “Of course I have an ambition to play for a big European club again, but it’s not something I go around and think about in daily life. I just have to work hard in Molde and focus on what I do here.”

Molde played well in the autumn and were helped by Daehli’s arrival but the modest midfielder credited Solskjaer and the coaching staff for getting called up to the Norwegian squad.

“I’ve gotten a lot of playing time and get to play important games every weekend,” he said.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjær has also been an important factor. He puts demands on me, lets me be myself and knows what buttons to press. He has meant a lot.

“The players and the coaching staff have also welcomed me and helped me. They should take some of the credit for that now I was called up to the national team.

“It’s been a good autumn fall for the team as well. If we win the cup final, we’ll be very pleased with the season. It will be a great game against one of our rivals and incredibly exciting. For me who grew up near Ullevaal, to play a final there is a dream. There have been a lot in a short time now. It’s very fun to be a part of.”

“To take part in the qualifiers for Euro 2016 is naturally a goal for me. I hope to be ready, in terms of showing my skills in Molde and the national team in the future.”

As well as all the praise from within Molde, Norway’s coach Per-Mathias has spoken highly of Daehli and believes he is going to be an important player for Norway in the future.

He said: “Mats is a player we have been following closely and we have great faith in the future. We think he’s going to take new steps in the next year, and he fits in with the way we think about the game.”

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