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Ronaldo gives Nani a present that could kick start his season

by Sam Peoples

Cristiano Ronaldo almost single handedly inspired Portugal’s triumph over Sweden that secured their place in the 2014 Brazil World Cup with all four goals in their 4-2 triumph over two legs.

It was a magical performance from the indomitable Ronaldo and for Nani, it was the perfect present in what has been a faltering season so far for Nani.

The psychological impact of not qualifying for the World Cup would have been devastating for Nani. It would have drained a lot of his enthusiasm for football. A player of his quality should have the biggest stage to play on and not having the World Cup to play towards in the summer would have had a negative effect on him.

Now that he can celebrate the qualification this week, it should bring Nani into the Cardiff this game on Sunday with a positive and refreshed attitude which could be just the tonic he needs to get back to his best.

Fans wrongly booed him off the pitch against Stoke City a few weeks ago and something has been missing for Nani this year but this boost from World Cup qualification should be like a shot of adrenaline to his system.

Nani might be one of the most talented wingers in Portugal’s squad but if he has a poor season, there is a chance he would fall out of favour and find himself on the bench. I’d be surprised if he let that happen and from a United point of view, it should mean that we see the Nani of old make a return to the team this season.

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