PICTURE: Rooney hits back at Graeme Sourness’ and Martin Tyler’s agenda

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has taken to Twitter to respond to Graeme Sourness’ criticism of his tackle and Martin Tyler’s transparently anti-United commentary throughout the game.

Rooney was lucky to not be sent off after he lashed out and Tyler certainly made sure to mention the tackle at every available opportunity for the rest of the game. He almost celebrated when Cardiff equalised.

The reason for Rooney’s frustration comes from the fact that neither Tyler or Souness looked at Gary Medel’s left hook he landed on Marouane Fellaini as a red card offence whereas Rooney’s tackle was without a shadow of a doubt. They both were just as bad as the other and given that they are supposed to be impartial professionals, they hardly showed that in their analysis.

Sourness? Who knew that Rooney could be witty. His response was more interesting than those that get paid for their opinion.


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