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Rooney’s incredible statistics eclipse Ozil, Messi and Europe’s finest this season

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney is absolutely unstoppable right now.

His incredible quartet of assists against Bayer Leverkusen takes his total to 15 this season with eight goals too in just 17 appearances. In comparison, last year Rooney got 15 assists in total by the end of the season yet he has already reached that figure before December.

By comparison, Ozil is currently on three goals and seven assists in 17 appearances while Messi is on 14 goals and four assists in 14 appearances.

The 28-year-old is back to his absolute best on the pitch. On paper, Rooney is probably the best all-round attacker in the world; when he can combine his raw energy, eye for goal, attacking flair, defensive contribution and pin point passing into a single performance, there are few better players.

United hadn’t seen that Rooney for a while. Last year, he dragged his heels but this season, the only people dragging their heels are opponents trying to stop him.

Moyes told the Daily Mail he wasn’t going to change Rooney and try to curtail his temperament, and why would he? Moyes has rekindled the fire inside Rooney and it has seen him return to his absolute best. He is back in love with football again.

His kick out against Cardiff was unnecessary, wild and petulant but that unpredictable streak been a hallmark of Rooney on occasions throughout his career. Trying to contain that takes away from the effectiveness of his game.

Last year, Robin van Persie was the catalyst in our Premier League title but Rooney is our undisputed catalyst this year. He is unstoppable and right now, he mas made himself indispensable.

Image: Twitter/premierleague

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