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Zaha: There’s no success without struggle and I’ve got to keep at it

by Sam Peoples

Wilfried Zaha knew that moving to Manchester United would be a real challenge for him but he couldn’t have envisaged just how little game time he would get.

However, instead of letting it get to his head, he has vowed to keep working hard until he is given his opportunity. He took to Instagram earlier this afternoon to say: “No success without struggle…gotta keep at it.”

If there is one thing that any young player needs to succeed at the top level of football, it is a hard work ethic so it is satisfying to see that Zaha has vowed to continue working hard to get to where he wants to be instead of wallowing at his lack of game time. 

There’s no doubt that he is a real talent but David Moyes has seen fit to play others ahead of him up until now but the festive period will be crucial for Zaha. With nine games, Moyes will need to rotate the squad on a game-by-game basis in order to keep it fresh and there should be some games where Zaha can be given his chance.

The nature of having a squad as talented as United’s is that players will be left disappointed. With Antonio Valencia, Nani, Adnan Januzaj, Shinji Kagawa and Ashley Young all fighting for their position in the team, Zaha is up against some stiff competition but it looks like he is using that to spur himself rather than get down about the lack of minutes on the pitch.q

It’s only November, the season is young. There is still a lot of time for Zaha to have his impact and if he can impress Moyes behind the scenes enough, he’ll be given his chance.

Image: Twitter/espnuk

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