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Manchester United told Brazil’s best playmaker will cost more than €8 million

by Sam Peoples

Cruzeiro’s director of football Alexandre Mattos has insisted that there have been no offers from any club including Manchester United for Brazilian midfielder Everton Ribeiro.

The 24-year-old playmaker started the swathe of speculation when he admitted he dreamed of playing for United this month  and a reported price tag of €8 million was placed on him.

However, speaking to Globo Esporte, Mattos made it clear that Cruzeiro will not sell for that price but admitted that every player can leave for the right price.

“There are no offers, just speculation,” he said.

“Everton Ribeiro said he dreams of playing for Manchester United, then people started talking, and they said he would cost €8million (£6.7m) – that makes no sense.

“We turned down a €10million (£8.3m) offer [from the Middle East] for the percentage we own and that happened halfway through the season.

“Cruzeiro don’t want to let any player go. On the contrary, we want to bring in more players and that’s not me talking, the president said that.

“Of course we are responsible, and if an absurd offer for Everton Ribeiro or any other player comes, we have to sell.”

As Mattos suggests, every player has his price but the fact that Ribeiro himself started the speculation puts United in a very strong position to negotiate should David Moyes wish to make a move for Ribeiro.

The big stumbling block is that Cruzeiro only own 60% of Ribeiro which means they would want to drive the price as high as possible to increase the fee they receive but as has been shown plenty of times down the years, if a player really wants to leave a club then sometimes they are powerless to stop a move from happening.

Ribeiro has more assists and has created more chances than any player in the Brazilian league this year so Cruzeiro are going to be hard fought to hold onto him should United or any other big club from Europe try to sign him.

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