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David Moyes sends a clear message to Nani

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has challenged Nani to find some real consistency to his game and fulfil the potential that every Manchester United fan knows he has.

The 27-year-old at times can be simply unplayable but in equal measure he can frustrate fans when he has a poor performance such as Stoke at home this season (where fans went too far by booing him).

Back in 2010/11 and 2011/12, Nani was brilliant and Moyes wants him to make a return to that sort of devastating form.

He said: “I think what I’ve seen from Nani is someone who is a talented player, a Portuguese international, and I hope we can try to get him to show that more often.

“I thought there were moments when he ran the ball well for us in midweek [against Leverkusen] and he scored a really good goal at the end.

“We’re trying to give him the feeling that he is important and I think it’s something he himself needs – to get back to that consistency which gives him the reason to say: ‘I’m the man. I can do that job regularly.”

The nature of a winger is that consistency is one of the hardest things to find. There will be a game where everything goes right for one and another where it all seems to go wrong but Nani has to push on to make sure the former happens.

He signed a new five year deal with the club this summer which will keep him at Old Trafford until he is 32, so it is imperative that Moyes tries to bring the best out of him like he has done so well with Wayne Rooney.

“Look, what I’ve found is he works hard enough at his game,” Moyes added.

“He is happy to do all the leg work and the biggest thing is he has brilliant ability to score.

“His shooting with both feet is almost as good as anybody I’ve ever seen. He’s incredibly talented with his skills and ability. We need to get him to show that more often.”

“We think there is a chance he can go on and improve and we want to give him the opportunity. You have to play well to get the opportunity and you have to be consistent when you get in as well. It’s a little bit of both.

“With his style of play you have to accept skilful players are going to be a bit indifferent and have to wait for their moments. They are keen on showing you what they have got and, when it doesn’t come off or work, it looks bad. That’s the balance you have got to get right.”

Against Tottenham, Moyes decided to go for Danny Welbeck on the wing for his defensive discipline but at home, he may well decide to inject some flair from the start with Nani.

What he showed against Leverkusen was that his ability will always be there waiting for a platform and it would be brilliant if Nani could could get himself back to the Nani of old that terrorised defences.

Image: Twitter/nemanjavidic_id

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