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PICTURE: David Moyes slaughtered by Manchester United fans after Everton loss

by Sam Peoples

It’s safe to say that David Moyes’ first game against Everton as Manchester United manager didn’t exactly go to plan. Try as they may, United just couldn’t score and a 1-0 loss leaves United 12 points off the top of the Premier League.

Following the loss, there were plenty of fans who immediately spat vitriol towards Moyes on any social media platform in what was a tirade of abuse in reaction to the result.

On both the official Facebook account and The Peoples Person Facebook account, fans made their opinions abundantly clear – Moyes out.


There is no denying that this year has not gone to plan so far but in the biggest season of transition at United, it is to be expected at least at the start.

You simply cannot replace nearly three decades worth of experience at the helm of United and not have any teething problems. Just like Marouane Fellaini needs time to settle and find his feet at Old Trafford, so does Moyes.

The squad that United have wasn’t built by Moyes, he inherited it and is yet to give it his own identity. That is something that will take time. Football has always worked in cycles and United are starting their cycle this season.

We all know that the midfield is our weak point and so does Moyes. Even though he signed Fellaini, he failed to adequately strengthen but at least he tried with Ander Herrera and Cesc Fabregas.

Patience is not a virtue in football but United fans need to have some. Results against Arsenal and Bayer Leverkusen show what United can do under Moyes when it clicks but right now, that consistency hasn’t been found.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon and slam Moyes at any given opportunity, he isn’t going anywhere. Scapegoats aren’t necessary after every loss, it’s always a collective effort. If he fails to make the top four, that may change but as of right now, some United fans need to stop acting so spoilt and remember that success is never guaranteed.

Image: Twitter/ManUnitedReport

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