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Lawrenson: Van Persie might have asked for a transfer request on Tuesday

by Sam Peoples

Robin van Persie hasn’t enjoyed the best of seasons so far at Manchester United despite scoring seven Premier League goals as he has spent quite a few weeks on the sidelines and in his playing absence, rumours have predictably started to surface.

According to Mark Lawrenson in a radio interview for Today FM, Van Persie has handed in a transfer request according to one of his ‘press boys’ that covers United.

He said: “There’s all sorts of rumours coming out of the training ground as you can imagine at the moment and one of the press boys that I know that cover Manchester United are even saying that Van Persie might have asked for a transfer the other night on Tuesday.”

Lawrenson is doing his best to stir the proverbial pot. There were utterances of these rumours earlier in the week which were quickly slapped away by national journalists but maybe Lawrenson has the best sources in the business, his ‘press boys’ might know what nobody else does. Maybe the Scouser has close ties to those within United? Unlikely.

Why would Van Persie want to leave the club where he earned his first Premier League medal after nine years of trying? He wouldn’t and already stated earlier this season how much he enjoyed life under David Moyes, so it certainly isn’t anything to do with a hypothetically fractious relationship with the new manager.

“It’s great working with the new manager David Moyes,” Van Persie said back in September 2013.

“He has his own style and methods and I like these.

“We are working very hard from the day we started our tour to Asia and Australia. This will result in good matches, that’s for sure. There is a very good atmosphere at the club.

“I’m happy with the style of Moyes. He does his own training sessions, he’s close with the players and prepares us with his staff very well for the next opponent. That keeps us in shape.

“Luckily, because the title of last year gave us hunger for more.”

Van Persie hasn’t torn the Premier League apart like he did last year but he has struggled with injuries, that doesn’t mean he immediately wants to leave the club that gave him what he yearned for with a league title.

Times are going to be different under Moyes, that much is obvious, but Van Persie handing in a transfer request as soon as the going gets tough? If that was his ethos, he would have left Arsenal a lot earlier than last season.

Image: Twitter/Welbeck

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