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The real reason behind Manchester United’s struggles is beyond David Moyes’ control

by Sam Peoples

Phil Jagielka has hit the nail on the head in his analysis of where the problem lies with David Moyes’ start as Manchester United manager.

Moyes’ ex-skipper was effusive in his praise for him and stood firmly in support of him when he stated that Moyes will be a success at Old Trafford – but only when he is able to stamp his own identity on the team left behind by Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I am more than sure he will get Manchester United where they need to be,” he told The Guardian.

“He just needs that little bit more time. But sometimes, time seems a hard thing to get when you are at that top level.

“[That is] 100%. He is a football man. He has some good people around him. He has some great players in the squad. He just needs to add a few more players that he wants week in, week out.

“Once he gets that sorted and he gets more of his team, rather than a team he has been given, that is the acid test for him, once he gets the players in that he wants.”

The excellent Musa Okwonga made a similar point in his analysis of the current situation at United and when you take an objective step back to look at the quality of United’s squad, there are holes galore.

United need an alternative right-back in the absence of Rafael, Evra needs a much better back up to Buttner and as for midfield, United are two top class central midfielders short of being able to challenge the best in Europe.

Also, United need a new face on the wing as the current set just aren’t playing well enough. As well as that, Vidic and Ferdinand aren’t getting any younger so United have to think about getting a new centre back in.

What the strength of the squad highlighted is just how special a manager Sir Alex Ferguson was to get the sort of results he did with them.

Last year, United were given the forward impetus after a poor transfer window by Manchester City. This year, the opposite happened and the shoe is on the other foot. Combined with the transition following Ferguson’s retirement, United have been hit hard.

Moyes had only two months to learn about his players and try to sign new ones. He failed on one account and is still in the process of completing the other but once he has had the time to create a squad tailored to how he wants his United to play, that is when we can truly determine whether Moyes has what it takes to make it as United’s manager.

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