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Rio Ferdinand inexplicably twists the knife into David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes is under an ever increasing amount of pressure right now as Manchester United are 12 points off the top of the Premier League going into the Newcastle ghame tomorrow.

The press are breathing down his neck but at least he can rely on his players to support him, that is of course unless your name is Rio Ferdinand who has inexplicably decided to publicly vent some frustrations towards Moyes’ methods of team selection.

“This manager is a bit different in that he doesn’t name the team beforehand, you don’t get to know the team,’ Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“The old manager used to give you a little bit of an idea if you were playing.

“When you know you’re playing the intensity goes up a little bit.

“That’s what you’ve got to try and do even if you’re not sure if you’re playing.

“It’s hard to do mentally. You spend a lot of nervous energy thinking ‘am I playing, am I not playing’.

“Keep just going round in circles in your head, enough to turn you into a mad man.”

Ferdinand has every right to be irked about Moyes’ decision making processes if he disagrees with them but why would he have gone public with the comments? It will do nothing but create bad press around a situation which is already extremely delicate. I can’t see the purpose of Ferdinand’s comments if they weren’t to rock the boat.

Rob Blanchette penned an article yesterday pointing towards the lack of leadership from the experienced players at United and this is the perfect example of that.

At a time where United need unity, Ferdinand goes public with something that is rather menial but will help create an unnecessary ripple of discontent that could snowball into something bigger – and I can’t really understand why he would want to do it.

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