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David Moyes isn’t wholly to blame and every United fan knows it

by Sam Peoples

When the full time whistle blew to confirm Manchester United’s second home defeat on the trot for the first time in the Premier League since 2002, it was met with a chorus of boos.

Fans are understandably frustrated by the start of the season that has seen us fall into 9th position in the table. If Arsenal beat Everton today, we will be closer to the bottom of the table than the top of it – something has gone wrong.

Obviously, Moyes is partly to blame for what has happened so far but it is wrong to scapegoat him out as the sole perpetrator in this situation. Everybody at United needs to accept a collective responsibility.

There’s no doubt that some of Moyes’ decisions have caused issues. Was changing the entire back room staff a bold move that has currently backfired? Has the intensity of Moyes’ training methods caused some discontent among the players? Rio Ferdinand’s outburst certainly indicates that all is not well in the United camp.

Jay Mottershead┬áposed an excellent question – has Wayne Rooney‘s special treatment created a ripple effect among the other players? Some footballers are certainly precious enough to take umbrage to something like that.

However, the buck doesn’t stop with Moyes.

The club put Moyes in a terrible position going into the start of the season with a poorly executed transfer window that left United in a very weak position compared to our rivals. Whereas they strengthened, we stagnated and the effects of that have been seen in our football this season but one of my major issues about our performances right now is with the players themselves.

Where is the passion? Even at 1-0 down at Old Trafford with 15 minutes to go to avoid losing a second home game in a row, there wasn’t an overwhelming feeling of urgency. You can’t say Moyes didn’t go for it with the attackers he brought on but the players didn’t respond. They limped to the defeat rather than putting their bodies on the line to try and squeeze a result out of it.

That is one of the most disappointing things for me this season – the players don’t seem to want to give their all to Moyes. They could certainly give more. There are exceptional performances on occasion but the overwhelming feeling is that they aren’t giving 100%.

What United need is a unified front. Everybody needs to play from the same page. The club, Moyes, his staff and players all need to grasp the situation we are now in and give it their all to help turn it around. Without that collective spirit, it won’t happen.

Fans have every right to be angry with Moyes but they should also be equally as frustrated with the club and players. However, yearning for his head on a spike isn’t going to solve the problem at hand as Moyes will not be thrown to the vultures by the club. He is here to stay, through thick and thin.

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