No excuses for Shinji Kagawa

by Sam Peoples

Shinji Kagawa missed Manchester United’s game against Newcastle United yesterday not through injury but because an ambulance had to be called to his house and pumped his stomach because he ate too much.

“Shinji was very sick after the [Everton] game and he did a bit of training on Friday but he was low,” Moyes said after the game yesterday.

“All of the stats that we look at were low so we felt we had better not take a risk in case we got an injury by playing him.

“It was a bad sickness. He thinks he ate too much and he had to get his stomach pumped but I think he is okay.”

He missed the game because he had to have his stomach pumped for eating too much? As far as injuries go, that is up there being one of the most ridiculous ones I have heard.

Kagawa played his way into United’s starting XI through some decent performances but goes and eats too much which rules him out of a crucial game against Newcastle? What is that all about.

Footballers get paid to make sure they do their best to be fit and available for selection, or at least they should. This isn’t the sort of thing you expect a footballer at the highest level to do and it wouldn’t matter what player at United it was, I’d have the same reaction.

Image: Twitter/munitedgirl

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