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Dutch expert expects more injuries from Robin van Persie this season

by Sam Peoples

Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen has slammed Manchester United’s training methods, blamed them for Robin van Persie‘s injury problems and said that he expects him to pick up more injuries as the season goes on.

The 30-year-old is currently sidelined with groin and toe troubles in what has been a frustrating season fitness wise for Van Persie given that he went the whole of his debut year at Old Trafford without any injury problems.

Verheijen previously labelled Moyes’ training style as outdated and ‘Jurassic’, something he reaffirmed on his Twitter account this weekend.

Back in September, Van Persie insisted he was happy under Moyes and was enjoying the higher intensity in training but Verheijen believes that is why the striker has spent so much time injured.

The training methods may well be a factor but prior to the last two years, Van Persie spent more time on the treatment table than the pitch and has a long standing history of injury problems which is likely contributing to the scenaro.

However, Verheijen is convinced that United’s coaching staff are to blame and believes that Van Persie will get more injuries as the season wears on as a consequence of the coaching and training.

Verheijen is a character known for his controversial comments and these are no different but it does make you wonder whether Moyes’ training has proved too intense for many?

Hopefully for Van Persie, this spell on the sidelines is merely to make sure he is 110% fit when he returns so as to avoid further injury. However, Moyes’ decision to use him against Newcastle for the full 90 minutes indicates that circumstances may dictate he has to play before he reaches full fitness, which is when more injuries happen regularly.

There’s no doubt that Wayne Rooney has benefited from training but on the basis of his current form, despite having seven goals in the league, maybe they have proved too tough for Van Persie.

Do you think Robin van Persie is going to spend a lot of time injured this season? 

Image: Twitter/PicturesUnited

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