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Pogba: Giggs and Scholes valued me but Ferguson didn’t

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba. The answer to Manchester United’s problems. The one that got away. The big mistake.

Whatever way you look at it, the Pogba saga will always leave United fans with a grand sense of ‘what if’ and it doesn’t look like he will let the fans forget that either.

In an interview with Eurosport this week, Pogba placed the blame once again at the feet of Sir Alex Ferguson who, despite the support of the players, didn’t give him the chances he craved.

“At Manchester United, I spent my adolescence over there,” he said.

“They were exceptional players. You’ve got Ferdinand, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes who are there, who give you the ball and have faith in you. You can only be happy, you can only be happy.

“Unfortunately, the manager wasn’t in the same frame of mind. He wasn’t playing me. I thought I could play at least a little bit more than I was, but I never got that opportunity.

“I wasn’t going to stay at Manchester United just for the sake of sake of staying at Manchester United, especially if I’m not playing.

“Juventus were there, they were present, they were determined. They made me very aware of this and I happily left with a smile on my face.”


You can’t begrudge how well he has done since leaving Old Trafford but would he have got itchy feet so soon without his agent Mino Raiola by his side chasing money stocks? Debatable.

There’s no doubt that Ferguson should have given him his chances but Pogba should concentrate more on the future of his career rather than talking about United all the time.

Translations and video provided by Tom Coast (@sardinetrawler) 

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