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Why Suarez can solve Moyes’ problem

by jonnyescott

Luis Suarez. A man that can be described in many ways, most of which wouldn’t be suitable for public reading but that all depends on your opinion of him.

Most people, understandably, despise the man. From handballs in World Cup semi-finals to being found guilty of racist abuse to taking a chomp out of an opponents arm, he has made himself a very hated man in football – but the truth is, love or loathe him, he is at the moment one of the best footballers on the planet.

The downfall of Manchester United this season has caught most people on the back foot, even for those who expected us to have a rough season like myself. Whilst we’ve been struggling for points, Suarez has been scoring goals for fun which has seen Liverpool vying with Arsenal for the top spot in the league. The statistics tell us that having played just ten Premier League games so far this season, Suarez has amassed 14 goals, two assists and a whopping 61 shots. That’s 1.4 goals and 6.1 shots a game.

I know what you’re all probably wondering where this article is leading but I’ve got a valid point so hear me out.

Suarez is the type of player who wins games on his own by scoring and creating goals. This is one of the vital things that has been missing from United so far this season. Rooney looks like he’s the only one interested but he can’t do it all by himself if the ten other players on the pitch don’t look interested.

Where Suarez may bring negative press and persistent controversy, he does far more good than he does bad and would comfortably get in to any team in the world at the moment.

This leads me on to my next point.

At the moment, United are owned by the Glazer family. The head of the family, Malcolm, is reportedly worth $4.5 billion. Despite that, since buying the club the family have totalled (at its highest) over £600m worth of debt that is under the clubs name.

As Mr Glazer is slowly paying off the debt which he has succumbed the club too, isn’t it about time he gave something back to the club? Yes, we signed Robin van Persie for over £24m and we’ve spent daft money on the likes of Fellaini, Anderson and Nani but considering we sold our prized asset of Cristiano Ronaldo for £80m, it’s about time we used some of that money to aid the squad for the better instead of paying off that debt which technically isn’t even the clubs but until greedy Malc decides to pack his bags, it will be under our name.

If the Glazers are actually serious about the club, they will go in for the best players in the world instead of spending ridiculous money on players that have potential.

Would Liverpool really turn down a fee in excess of £65m for Suarez? Would Suarez really turn down £250,000 a week plus bonuses along with the chance of European football? Despite the hatred between the two teams, if we came in with a package like that, I don’t see how they could turn it down. They did it with Torres so they’ll do it with Suarez.

The overwhelming majority of United fans would be against the signing of Suarez, especially after the Evra debacle, but we need to look at the bigger picture. The way the season is going at the moment, we’re going to struggle to challenge for a top four place and an acquisition of Suarez’s talent would only do the club good. If he did turn out to be the difference between the top four and Europa league then no matter what your opinion of him is, you would be ludicrous to say no to having him at United.

DISCLAIMER: This is the view of Jonny Escott! 

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