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Nani may have reached the same turning point that changed Rafael

by Sam Peoples

Nani broke the news today that he is now a proud father of a baby boy following the birth of his first child and it could be a turning point for the Portuguese winger in much the same fashion as it was for Rafael back in 2012.

Up until the birth of his child, Rafael was brash in his style of play and sometimes let his heart do the thinking instead of his head. It got him a reputation as being a liability but that all changed following the birth of his child.

The birth of his daughter mellowed him and helped him settle down at United where he has since gone on to be one of our best players over the past 12 months. He transformed himself into one of the most reliable players at the club and I think becoming a father played a massive role in that it changed his outlook completely.

There is every chance that same transition could happen for Nani in that his prerogatives will now be different with the responsibility of being a father. It could mark a change in mindset that helps him flourish like Rafael did.

Of course, Nani’s issue has been confidence more than anything but the unadulterated joy of having a child will lift his spirits and could help the Nani of old return.

Nani won’t feature tomorrow against Aston Villa tomorrow as the club has allowed him to stay with his family this weekend but looking past that, Nani is going to be at the club for another five years. His future is secure, his family is now secure and he will want to try his utmost to secure a position back in United’s starting XI where a player of his ability belongs.

Image: Twitter/nemanjavidic_id

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