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Darren Fletcher deserves better luck

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans were ecstatic to see Darren Fletcher return to the Premier League against Aston Villa at the weekend after an almost a year without him being in the team and they let him know with songs and cheers as soon as he started warming up.

The 29-year-old had to undergo major surgery to battle his ulcerative colitis condition and it was feared that he would never be fit enough to play but in typical Fletcher fashion, he fought through which is a testament to his never give up attitude.

He admitted the condition was so bad at one stage that he was left housebound and it really was phenomenal to see him back on the pitch after such struggles.

“I couldn’t leave the house, it was as simple as that,” Fletcher told the Daily Mirror.

“I couldn’t take my kids to the park for a kickabout. Simple stuff.

“I couldn’t go for a meal with my wife, just because of the nature of the illness.

“There was the exhaustion side of it as well. It was proving difficult. I always had a belief that one of the medications would work. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

Up until now, nobody knew the real extent to how bad Fletcher’s condition but this puts it into perspective to make you realise just how much an achievement his return to the Premier League is.

Fletcher is confident that this return is permanent and that he will return to regular first team football. Every fans wants that to happen and the early signs show that Fletcher is not going to give up this, what is likely his last chance, at doing what loves once again – simply playing football.

It would be horrible luck for Fletcher now if he was to get struck down by the illness again because of how much hard work, mentally and physically, he would have put into overcoming this condition with the surgery. If anyone deserves a bit of fortune, it is Fletcher.

Image: Twitter/ronandinho_

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