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It is the end of the road for Anderson

by Sam Peoples

Anderson son son, he’s better than Kleberson,

Anderson son son, he’s our midfield magician,

To the left, to the right, to the Samba beat tonight, 

With the brass, he is class,

And he shits on Fabregas.

Unfortunately for Anderson, his career at Manchester United has been nowhere near as good as the song that was made for him.

Last night, David Moyes gave him another big opportunity to prove himself from the start against a physical Stoke City side in a tough game away from home. In a midfield three alongside Phil Jones and Tom Cleverley, Anderson looked like he would be able to spread his wings but the reality was very far detached from that.

It was a flat performance from Anderson. The poor weather contributed but can’t be held as the sole excuse for it. His passing, usually his only saving grace, was completely over-hit more often than not, he didn’t want to run around much and defensively, it was left to Cleverley and Jones to clean up all too often.

For me, it is now curtains for Anderson.

This is not going to be a pretty couple of transfer windows by any stretch of the imagination but David Moyes has no choice apart from being ruthless if he wants to get rid of the weak links in this side and create a formidable team. Anderson is one of those weak links.

Injuries may have curtailed his progress and a change of position minimised his ability to flourish but Anderson has never lived up to the billing of being the best young player in Europe back in 2008 by any stretch of the imagination.

It is sad really as he is a great character but the team needs great players right now and Anderson simply hasn’t delivered on that front.

At 25, he has got plenty of time to go and revive his career back in Portugal or potentially Brazil which I have no doubts he will do but now is the time for his love affair with Old Trafford to come to an unfulfilled end. 

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