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Dutch coach launches scathing attack on Moyes over Van Persie

by Sam Peoples

Raymond Verheijen has labelled David Moyes as ‘technically deficient’ in the latest of a scathing set of attacks aimed at him over the fitness of Robin van Persie.

The Dutch fitness coach attacked Moyes’ training methods earlier in the season and now that Van Persie has been ruled out until the new year because of another injury he picked up, Verheijen has heavily criticised his tactical acumen once again in an interview with Newstalk.

Verheijen previously called Moyes’ training methods ‘jurassic’ and pre-empted the fact that Van Persie would suffer further injuries this season because of them, which has raised questions about whether Moyes’ methods are indeed to blame.

Something is certainly not right with Van Persie right now and he hasn’t looked 100% fit at any stage this season so it was hardly a surprise to see that he picked up another injury in the match against Shakhtar Donetsk but is Moyes to fault? Verheijen seems to think so.

Last year, Van Persie managed his fitness fantastically but this year has been far from plain sailing yet given his previous history of injury problems, it could simply be a case of that catching up on him again.

Either way, there must be an underlying problem with Van Persie this season.

Do you think David Moyes’ training methods are the reason behind Robin van Persie‘s fitness problems this year?

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