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PICTURE: Januzaj showed Morrison what he could have achieved at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

I want to tell you, I might as well do, about a boy who can do anything, he comes from Belgium, his name is Adnan, Januzaj Januzaj Januzaj

Ravel Morrison was another boy who could do anything. He wasn’t labelled as one of the finest natural talents to come through Manchester United’s academy for no reason but the promise was never fulfilled, not at Old Trafford at least.

Sir Alex Ferguson tried to tame him but had no success and as a consequence, his time as a United player came to an end before it began.

This weekend, there was no song about him being belted from the Stretford End like there was for Januzaj. Instead, his first appearance at Old Trafford was with as a visitor with his new team West Ham.

Coming back to the club where it all started should have been fuel enough for Morrison to excel but his mentality didn’t match the occasion. He was essentially invisible up against a centre back playing in midfield and an improving Cleverley.

On the day, his most memorable moment was a terrible tackle on Cleverley that saw him booked but could well earned him an early bath. It was an underwhelming return to Old Trafford for the man who promised so much.

At West Ham this season, he has showed just how good he could have been at United which is frustrating to watch. Be it a change of circumstance or a change of mentality behind his upturn in fortunes, would that have ever happened at United if he was given another chance? We’ll never know.

Januzaj has shown that a youngster with the right mentality to match the talent can be an artist using the Old Trafford turf as his easel, but Morrison didn’t take advantage of the opportunity he was presented.
As has been pointed out to me earlier, an unstable environment off the pitch contributed heavily to Morrison’s situation but his attitude wasn’t entirely down to those around him. He made his own conscious decisions.

There is every chance he can still become the world class player we all hoped he would be but it is now unlikely it will ever be as a United player. That ship has sailed.

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