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Hernandez has mounting outside pressures to leave United but is encouraged to stay

by Sam Peoples

Javier Hernandez has had a tough time of it as a Manchester United player this season having only scored four goals in 17 appearances, a far cry from his usually prolific self.

It isn’t just with United where he has struggled to score as although he is third in Mexico’s all-time goalscorers list, Hernandez hasn’t scored a goal for Mexico since June and wasn’t involved in their crucial World Cup qualifiers against New Zealand.

Ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, there is a real pressure from Mexican fans for Hernandez to find his goalscoring form and some consider a move away the best choice for him to secure regular first team football.

However, on the contrary, ESPN believe that a move away is the worst thing that Hernandez could do in January as it would be almost impossible for him to establish himself and settle in time to make a move beneficial.

Hernandez has a decision to make in January as to what the lesser of two evils is – staying with United, fighting for his place and earning the opportunities which could remain limited depending on the form of others, or leave for a new club where he can be guaranteed more first team football in a new environment.

There is time for Hernandez to turn it around but he needs to be helped by the players around him. He had no service against Norwich and struggled to create opportunities because of it.

Judging from how Hernandez has presented himself so far at Old Trafford, there would be only one choice – to fight for his right to play. It is in his nature to not give up and to continue working hard to get his chances. This may change in the summer if he finds himself with minimal game time all season but Hernandez is a fighter and won’t want to give up in the face of a challenge, not in a World Cup year.

Image: Twitter/laaficion

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