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Manchester United willing to spend £50 million in order to sign Barkley

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has made Ross Barkley his top target this January according to the Manchester Evening News and have said that United are willing to bid £50 million to ‘get Everton around the negotiating table’.

The 20-year-old has been in sparkling form this year as one of the most impressive performers this season, which is why United have been linked with a move for him.

A few days ago, Barkley admitted he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Wayne Rooney‘s career by being able to go to an international tournament with England at a young and influencing it. He also admitted he wants to play in the Champions League which Everton haven’t managed to get in nearly a decade, although they are looking very strong this year.

“They [United] believe a bid of £50m will be enough to ge t Everton around the negotiating table – but the Premier League champions also know there will be plenty of bridge-building if there is any chance of a deal being done.” Manchester Evening News

The MEN is right about the fact that £50 million would be enough to get Everton’s interest because £50 million would be enough to get the attention of most clubs for any player around the world. The question is whether he is worth that much and also, whether he would want to leave Everton who are flying high right now.

Barkley has only broken through into the first team this year but the sale of Gareth Bale has made it impossible to really put a valuation on any player as it is seemingly down to what a club is willing to spend on a player rather than anything else.

Previously, Barkley has spoke of how much he feels he owes his career to Moyes for how he helped him following his leg break and although he didn’t give him as many immediate opportunities as Roberto Martinez, it was more down to easing him into the team than anything else.

There’s no doubt that Barkley could become one of England’s best midfielders in the next decade if this season is anything to go by. Moyes may have decided to bring Marouane Fellaini in this year instead of him but there is still a possibility that he could make the move to Old Trafford.

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