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Glazers given a £220 million reason to invest heavily in new players

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s share price has dropped 12% from £10.68 to £9.36 since December 6, dropping the value of the club by £220 million from £1.75 billion to £1.53 billion.

If ever there was a reason why the Glazers would want to invest heavily in bringing new players into Old Trafford, it is when they lose money.

What Sir Alex Ferguson did was never let United’s on field performance negatively effect the off field corporate performance – that has now changed. Despite record turnovers, United’s value has dropped and it has coincided with our poor Premier League form. United are no longer the guaranteed top three finish in the Premier League now that David Moyes has taken over.

The Glazers were happy to sit by and watch Ferguson work wonders with the squad he had at his disposal but the fact of the matter is that the weakness of United’s squad has been drastically exposed this season.

In the summer, we had over £80 million in cash reserves yet remained frugal and we are now being punished as those around us have all strengthened while we have stagnated.

Moyes claimed that he had an unlimited fund available to him but baulked at the idea of paying an extra €6 million for Ander Herrera to match his release clause, a decision that caused the move to collapse – a move that is hardly indicative of a club that had ‘unlimited’ funds.

The Glazers don’t look at United as a football club first, it is a business for them, which is why this decrease in United’s value is the best thing that could have happened. Now, they have their own incentive to invest.

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