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Manchester United fans let David Moyes know what they think of him

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes might be under an ever increasing amount of pressure to get Manchester United performing better but he has the full backing of the people that really matter – the fans.

There may be some who boo at Old Trafford but they aren’t a true representation of United fans. Those you can really take notice of are the away fans, those who follow United wherever they go, and they didn’t stop singing Moyes’ name against Sunderland last night.

After the game, Moyes took the time to thank them because even though United went down a third loss in seven days, they sung until the very end.

“[The fans] were brilliant tonight and I would like to thank them all,” he said.

“They supported me and the team. The fans know we’re going through a difficult time and have probably not seen it as bad as this for a long time.

“But I’m determined to put it right and I’m sure we will. I sense that [determination] in the dressing room as well.”


The last thing Moyes and the players need right now is a fans revolt. They need our support and the minority of fans who have booed at Old Trafford are far outweighed by those who stand in Moyes’ corner. This season was never going to be a bed of roses and although we lost three times, only one was in the Premier League so all is not doom and gloom yet.

We believe in Moyes but what he needs to do quickly is believe in himself and get the team playing like the champions they are.

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