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Manchester United’s new signing is underwhelming to say the least

by Sam Peoples

Another day, another sponsor.

Manchester United have agreed a three year deal with Aperol to become the global spirits partner of the club. Fantastic news. At least we know all the players can have a sponsored tipple whenever they want.

United are the world’s best when it comes to signing up new sponsors but it is a shame they can’t match that in the transfer market. At a time where United’s spirits need lifting, the last thing we needed to see was another sponsorship agreement when we desperately need players.

At this stage, we are almost becoming a parody of ourselves with how many sponsor deals we keep churning out. In the same time frame we have signed 12 new corporate deals, we have signed one first team player whereas everybody around us in the league has strengthened. Our growth in the corporate sense has been matched by stagnation in the football sense.

United need investment in players, not new sponsorship deals to keep the revenue ticking upwards. The only saving grace is that the longer United’s poor form continues on the pitch, the more likely it is that the Glazers will be forced to dig into their pockets as it will begin to effect United’s stature off the pitch.

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