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VIDEO: Somebody needs to show this to Kagawa

by Sam Peoples

Shinji Kagawa had an ineffective first half against Swansea City yesterday as he was marshalled out onto the left wing where he was uncomfortable but it was a completely different story in the second half.

The 24-year-old switched positions with Adnan Januzaj and took up a more central position, and he flourished. Smart movement, slick passes and intelligent runs saw the side of Kagawa we have been yearning for all year. It was really refreshing to see.

However, one aspect of Kagawa’s game that is very frustrating is him in front of goal simply because he is always looking to lay a goal on a plate for a teammate to the extent where shots aren’t taken in favour of another pass. Kagawa needs to be more selfish in front of goal and think about himself.

When Rafael’s lung bursting run gave Kagawa an opportunity late on to wrap the game up, he looked a dead cert to score but a moments hesitation saw the chance go away.


Kagawa needs to take some advice from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and just shoot because he is sometimes guilty of overcomplicating chances when he could just stick his foot through the ball. He was a fantastic goalscorer at Borussia Dortmund and we want to see him replicate that at Old Trafford.

Maybe it is a confidence thing or his natural tendency to make a chance as simple as possible but I want Kagawa to be more greedy, to shoot more and try to get the glory himself. There is nothing wrong with taking a shot and missing.

You get the feeling all he needs is a goal or two to get his confidence flowing again and there is only one way he is going to do that – he needs to shoot. It doesn’t matter if nine out of ten shots miss, so long as one of them goes in.

Image: Twitter/squawka

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