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Januzaj still undecided on the decision that will help shape his career

by Sam Peoples

Adnan Januzaj‘s agent has confirmed that the 18-year-old is yet to decide where he wants to pledge his national allegiance despite rumours he had already chosen to play for Kosovo.

FIFA has cleared Kosovo to play international matches which is a big step towards them being able to take part in international competitions and Januzaj has always indicated that his father would be very influential in his decision making process, which is why Kosovo was considered a strong option for Januzaj.

Although Kosovo has moved closer to being able to play international football, Dirk De Vriese has insisted Januzaj is still undecided on who is going to play for.

“We are still yet to make a decision on that,” De Vriese told Voetbalnieuws.

Just as Januzaj’s decision to sign a long term deal with United was important to his career, where he pledges his international future will help shape his career.

If he chooses Belgium, he could be involved in one of the most promising young teams in international football and could play in the 2014 World Cup at Brazil. It would expose him to football on the world stage and would be great experience for him.

Alternatively, he could choose to play for Kosovo or Albania and become a massive cult icon. However, it would offer him little in terms of furthering his football career but from what we have seen of Januzaj so far, the limelight isn’t something he considers a prerogative.

Players like George Best have proven that a player doesn’t need to play at the World Cup to be considered a great of the game and Januzaj may well choose to follow suit and stay true to what his family desires rather than chase the glamour of world class international football.

Image: Twitter/manutdt

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