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Moyes knows he now has a potential world beater on his hands

by Sam Peoples

For all of Wayne Rooney‘s goals and David de Gea‘s saves, the highlight of the season so far has to be Adnan Januzaj‘s rise to fame.

The 18-year-old has gone from a pre-season contender to someone who looks like a seasoned veteran in just a few months. Like a duck to water, Januzaj has taken to Premier League football with a graceful ease that is rare to see in someone so young.

David Moyes has tried to keep the pressure off him by keeping him out of the side when he could but after his performance against Swansea last week, his name should be the first on Manchester United’s team sheet.

“Everybody can see what a player we have on our hands,” Moyes said after the full time whistle against Swansea.

“He can play all the positions [up front]. He played behind the striker for most of the game at Sunderland and we thought he was terrific there so we started him there today.

“We were hoping he might have created just a little more for us, maybe crafted a few more opportunities, but at half-time I swapped him to the left wing and it made a big difference.

“I speak to him a lot and he tells me he’d have no problem playing anywhere. He’s not a nervous boy. He needs teaching and understanding because he’s still learning the game in a lot of things he’s doing but his natural talent and ability is up there with the best and I think in time he will be that.”

Januzaj’s lack of fear is what has allowed him to dribble with such confidence at established Premier League defences and wreak havoc. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again that at this age, Januzaj is influencing United more than Ronaldo did.

The world is Januzaj’s oyster right now. He is only 18. If he continues to progress at the rate he currently is, he could easily be one of the top three players in the world by the time he is 22/23 and that isn’t with red tinted glasses on.

It’s not very often that a talent like Januzaj comes through United’s academy and the way things are going, he has the potential to become a legend at Old Trafford and a world beater. 

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