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Rafael and Fabio’s agent claims BOTH players can leave Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Cassiano Pereira, the agent of Rafael and Fabio da Silva, has told Calciomercato that it is ‘very likely’ that both players can leave Manchester United in the summer.

The quotes from Pereira come as an absolute shock to the system regarding Rafael who has done nothing but speak of how happy he is in Manchester.

Of course, the potential exit of Fabio was seen by many as inevitable following David Moyes’ minimal use of him this season despite injuries to Rafael but nobody expected Rafael to be linked with an exit.

Speaking to Calciomercato, Pereira quashed claims that either would leave in January and then dropped the bomshell about this summer.

“Nowadays, I can say that they will remain in Manchester until the end of the season, but in summer it is very likely that they can go,” he said.

Why would the twins’ agent give an exclusive interview to an Italian news site rather than a Brazilian or English one if he was to speak about the future of the twins? Hopefully this is nothing more than agent talk to either secure a longer contract for Rafael or potentially get Moyes to reconsider the future of Fabio.

This is certainly a shock to the system for United fans because Rafael is an outstanding right back and he wears his heart on the sleeve when he plays. He is a proper United player and has worked his socks off to be the player he is today.

You have to remember that the twins have been together for their whole lives, apart from Fabio’s loan at QPR, so maybe they can’t comprehend being apart on a permanent basis. I don’t think Moyes should let Fabio go anyway, especially if it means Rafael would follow suit.

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