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Rafael speaks the truth when others have remained quiet

by Sam Peoples

Rafael has come out publicly in support of David Moyes and insisted that any blame for Manchester United’s poor form falls firmly at the feet of the players rather than Moyes.

Our second half turn around against Swansea saved us from going down to four consecutive defeats and will hopefully be a springboard for a second half of the season revival.

Moyes has come under staunch criticism for the way the team has performed and certainly is partly to blame but Rafael has rightly come out and insisted that the players need to take responsibility for United’s limp performances of late.

“I don’t know why everyone is looking at the manager. It’s the players who have to do the job on the pitch.” he told The Mirror.

“We’ve spoken about it a lot. We have to show our quality. People are saying United don’t have a good squad. We have to show that is not true.

“We have to be consistent. We have been up and down a lot. To win a title or to get in the top four we have to play every game like we did in this one. To have three losses in a row – and two of them at Old Trafford – is not normal.”

United’s second half performance against Swansea was the first time that we have shown our teeth and bitten back in quite a while. In other games, we have been seemingly happy to lose and hadn’t shown the fighting spirit that made United such a difficult team to beat in previous years.

However, there was a togetherness and resilience in a resurgent second half that shows there is still fire in the belly of the squad.

Rafael continued: “We are together. We knew there would be a change. The manager had just left after 27 years. It was always going to be hard.

“We have to take the mentality David Moyes has given us and use it on the pitch. It’s quite a big difference. David Moyes has a strong mentality. He is doing his own job. We have to use that in a positive way.

“We are the ones who have to take the responsibility, like we did in the second half against Swansea.”

Rafael very transparent comments here is exactly what needs to be said. There should be no pussyfooting around the subject and an acceptance of responsibility on behalf of the players gives them an accountability that are unable to avoid.

At the end of the day, it is the players who win or lose football matches and what we showed against Swansea is that the squad looked a little bit frustrated with losing – it is about time as only they can turn this season around.

Image: Twitter/munitedes

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