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Manchester United have now submitted an offer for Borussia Dortmund’s Ilkay Gundogan claim Bild

by Sam Peoples

Ilkay Gundogan has received a contract extension offer from Borussia Dortmund as well as two other offers from Manchester United and Real Madrid, according to Bild.de.

The 23-year-old midfielder is out of contract next summer and talks have been delayed all season with Dortmund due to Gundogan’s ongoing injury problems.

United have had a longstanding interest in the midfielder but up until this stage, nothing has gone past the speculation stage but Bild believe United have now tabled an offer. Gundogan is going to make a decision about his future soon enough and has admitted he doesn’t know where he will sign yet.

He said: “I will soon make a decision that will be well considered. It’s still really open.”

Gundogan is clearly not willing to pledge his future to Dortmund without considering other options yet and Dortmund have also been very public about the fact they don’t know whether Gundogan will sign an extension or not.

United were interested in Mesut Ozil before Madrid snapped him up and the same thing happened with Nuri Sahin but there is hope that the Gundogan situation could work out differently if he did choose to leave Dortmund.

The fact that Xabi Alonso signed a new contract extension for Madrid is a boost for United’s chances of signing Gundogan because of how many central midfielders they have on their books and in every respect, Gundogan would be the ideal signing for United. He is an imposing box-to-box midfielder with an eye for an intelligent pass and he is not afraid of a physical battle either.

Back in 2011, Gundogan did say that United would be a dream move so it has been discussed previously which is good news. An added bonus for United is that Kagawa and Gundogan were close friends when the Japanese playmaker was at Dortmund. If Gundogan was to link up with him again, it could bring a new passing dynamic to United that we have clearly lacked this season. Kagawa’s presence could be a pulling factor. On the other hand, Gundogan is close friends with Mesut Ozil and Nuri Sahin so the friend factor works both for and against United.

Dortmund will be keen for Gundogan to decide on his future as soon as possible but even if he did choose to move to United, it wouldn’t be until the summer. However, a player like Gundogan is certainly worth waiting for.

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