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Rafael: I am not leaving Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Rafael has moved quickly to quash any rumours he is going to leave Manchester United by responding to fans who asked him if the rumours were true on his official Instagram account.

The 23-year-old simply stated ‘I am not leaving’ to ease the worries of fans who had been stunned by the claims of his agent Cassiano Pereira.

Yesterday, Pereira told Italian media outlet Calciomercato that it was ‘very likely’ both players could leave Old Trafford in the summer but the fact that Rafael moved so quickly to state otherwise suggests something has gone wrong here.

It could have been a simple mistranslation and given that it was a Portuguese speaking man giving an interview to an Italian website, that may well have been the case which makes the whole scenario nothing more than a poor mistake on Calciomercato‘s behalf.

Alternatively, if the quotes were correct then Rafael’s agent may be angered by his immediate response on the contrary to what he said. He could have been chasing a bigger contract for Rafael or a new one for his brother Fabio but in that scenario, you’d imagine Pereira would have informed the twins what was going on beforehand.

In that case, it could just be Rafael undermining his agent’s claims and if that happened, good on you Rafael. Agents have too much power in the media these days.

Alls well that ends well in this situation – Rafael is going nowhere.

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