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Ex-Madrid president Calderon explains the reasons why Ronaldo will return to the Premier League

by Sam Peoples

Real Madrid’s ex-president Ramon Calderon believes that Cristiano Ronaldo will not finish his career in Madrid and will instead return to England one day in the future.

Ronaldo deservedly won the 2013 Ballon d’Or this week and speaking about his time at United with reporters after the ceremony, he dropped a bombshell that he considered a return to United this summer after speaking with Rio Ferdinand a lot, but decided against it.

However, Calderon, who was the man responsible for signing Ronaldo back in 2008, told The Sun that he did not think his career would end before he returned to the Premier League.

Calderon claimed in : “I do not think he [Ronaldo] will finish his career at Real. I feel that one day he will return to England.

“In Madrid, he is pleased with the city and the fans. But I think his relationship with [Real president] Florentino Perez is not as good as it was with Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

“Ronaldo loves father figures. With Florentino, he does not have that rapport. The relationship is bad or actually non-existent. He stays at Real despite the chairman.

“I was afraid he was going to leave [in the summer] because he is our best player. I have the feeling that Cristiano has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave when he wants.”

Having Ronaldo playing at United again looks like nothing more than a pipeline dream right now but Calderon doesn’t think so, and there is every chance he could come back to United still as one of the best players in the world when the time came.

Ronaldo is an athlete at the peak of his game and physical fitness which should mean a career with longevity. If he can avoid injury, there is no reason to suggest Ronaldo won’t be able to deliver top class performances when he is 32/33. Right now, Ronaldo is happy in Madrid and if the time ever comes where that changes, it would certainly be great to have him back.

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