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Januzaj: Let’s do it

by Sam Peoples

If Adnan Januzaj‘s introduction to the first team was quick at Manchester United, his rise to become one of our most important players was even quicker.

Going into today’s game against Chelsea, Januzaj is the player who you hope can provide a moment of brilliance to give United some chances going forward. He was the architect of our second half turn around against Swansea last week and will go into the game today in a confident mood.

Right now, United are heavily reliant on an 18-year-old in his debut season as our main attacking threat in the absence of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. It is unprecedented for a United youngster to have to shoulder so much responsibility at his age but the pressure only seems to make him play better, and he had a simple message for his Instagram followers – let’s do it.

Today will be Januzaj’s biggest match for United if (when) he plays and we’ll need him to carve out some opportunities on what is going to be a really tough away day.

United need to go into this game with the attitude they can get something out of it. Losing away to Chelsea against Mourinho’s home record isn’t going to be damaging but what we need to do is make sure we put the effort in.

Nobody will begrudge us losing if United put everything into the game and can’t do any more to avoid defeat. However, if we limp across the line and go down to a frustrating loss, there is going to be some serious discontent amongst fans. There’s no shame in losing some games but not giving your all to avoid defeat isn’t the United way.

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