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Vidic and Moyes’ contradictory statements don’t help the United front

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes was defiant in his post match interview following the Chelsea loss and insisted that Manchester United’s title hopes weren’t over yet.

In complete contrast, Nemanja Vidic believes our chances of retaining the league are now overBefore the game, Vidic said the exact opposite

In reality, Moyes is simply presenting the strong front he has to as manager of the club while Vidic is telling the truth but right now we don’t need the truth, we need a United front. If our club captain comes out and publicly writes off our title chances, what good is that going to do for the mood in the squad?

After his red card, Vidic was probably not in the best of mindsets but he shouldn’t have said that in public. You need that never give up mentality coming from the top down. Without that, it is easy for heads to drop in the dressing room. United aren’t statistically out of the title race at the moment and until that time comes, every player needs to believe they can still win it.

This all boils down to the problem that United’s senior players haven’t stepped up to the plate this season enough. If there was any player you thought would always hold a never say never attitude, it is our captain.

There should be no need for motivation for any of our players in the squad given that they all won the Premier League last year but you always need the senior figures to keep the fire burning, and defeatist statements like this won’t help.

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