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David Moyes has made his mind up and wants to sell Rafael according to Lawrenson

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has already made his mind up about Rafael and is going to sell him during the summer, according to Mark Lawrenson.

Writing for The MirrorLawrenson went both barrels on Rafael for his tackle on Gary Cahill. He called for him to be retrospectively banned and slammed him for being a hot headed, angry defender that Moyes wants to get rid of. That’s not reactionary at all is it?

If you take anger out of any defender, you take away a major part of their game. To be a defender, you have to be prepared to smash your nose against an opponents shoulder, ready to throw your body on the line to stop any danger and prepared to get bloodied for the team. Without some form of anger, a defender wouldn’t be able to do his job properly.

To say that Moyes will sell Rafael in the summer off the back of a hot headed lunge is ridiculous. Yes, it was a stupid decision in the heat of the moment from Rafael, something we didn’t see very often last year due to his improved discipline, but it was a split second moment.

Last year, he was one of our best players and behind Pablo Zabaleta, he was the second best in the Premier League. The only reason he hasn’t been able to have the same impact this year is because of injuries.

Rumours surfaced last week from Rafael’s agent that he was going to leave United but he moved instantly to stop the rumours. He doesn’t want to go anywhere either.

Back in December, Lawrenson claimed that Van Persie had handed in a transfer request and now he has started another that Moyes wants to sell Rafael in the summer. He needs to find another club to make rumours about.

Image: Twitter/munitedes

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