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Fresh reports of unrest between Robin Van Persie and David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Robin van Persie and David Moyes had to sit down and have a discussion over disagreements to do with his fitness, according to Neil Custis at The Sun.

Custis claims that United’s medical staff believe Van Persie is fit to play whereas the Dutchman disagrees and wants to have more time in order to make sure his thigh injury has fully recovered.

In this situation, you could understand Moyes’ desire to get Van Persie back into action as soon as possible but as he found out by playing him against Shakhtar Donetsk, the risk of injury is sometimes far greater than the reward of what he can do on the pitch.

On the occasion, Moyes was guilty of bringing Van Persie back into action too early but you would have imagined he learned from that mistake and wouldn’t repeat it.

However, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Moyes didn’t want to play Van Persie for the full 90 minutes in his comeback game in United’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle but when he shouted to ask if he wanted to be subbed, Van Persie said he was fine to continue. As it transpires, he wasn’t.

One good thing is that all these reports of unrest have been denied vehemently by the pair. Moyes came out and publicly denied any rift between him and Van Persie while Van Persie gave Moyes his full support. It looks like it could be nothing more than the press trying to create divisions in the camp.

Alternatively, the reports could be right and what Moyes must do is not bring any player back from injury too soon in desperation because of the risk it opens up for a serious injury. We’ve been without Van Persie for long enough and want him back as much as Moyes does, but only when he is fully fit.

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