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Merson: Mata is a panic buy and it’s a mistake signing him

by Sam Peoples

The effervescent Paul Merson has described Manchester United’s signing of Juan Mata as a panic buy and nothing more than a big mistake by David Moyes in his Daily Star column.

By effervescent, I mean something something that is so lacking in substance it would simply dissolve in water.

If Mata is a panic buy, I hope Moyes makes nothing but panic buys.

When Arsene Wenger spent £42 million of Mesut Ozil in the summer, Merson hailed it as a statement of intent and a magical signing. However, when Moyes lands one of the biggest coups in recent years, it is labelled as nothing more than a panic buy. Merson couldn’t be more blinkered towards Arsenal if he tried.

Mata’s signing is an outstanding piece of business. People said that United’s fear factor had left and Moyes wasn’t capable of attracting big players to Old Trafford. Mata has certainly put the latter conspiracy to bed and with Pellegrini and Wenger throwing their toys out of the pram at his arrival, the fear factor has clearly returned too.

Yes, he isn’t the player we technically need on paper but Nathan Woodhead summed up the mood surrounding Mata’s signing perfectly.

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