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Woodward gives Manchester United fans a reason to be full of confidence

by Sam Peoples

Ed Woodward deservedly came into some staunch criticism for his role in Manchester United’s mickey mouse approach to the summer transfer market in which we failed to land all of our targets and were squeezed like an orange for £27.5 million by Everton for Marouane Fellaini.

In much the same fashion as he deserved criticism in the summer, he should now be on the end of some praise from United fans for his role in bringing Juan Mata to Old Trafford.

The Guardian has released some excellent insight into the finer details of United signing Mata and from what has been said, Woodward was instrumental in the Mata deal.

He was unwavering and refused to ever negotiate directly with Chelsea on the grounds that Wayne Rooney would crop up in conversation because as United remained insistent he would not leave, one mention of Rooney could have seen Chelsea take the same stance with Mata.

However, because Woodward and United employed third parties to do the negotiation process, there was never an opportunity for Rooney’s name to come up. In fact, Mata joined United without us ever directly speaking to Chelsea which is incredible when you think about it.

It doesn’t really matter whether this is proof of excellent negotiations or just some excellent PR work, it is positive news about Woodward and his position within the club. 

United shouldn’t have been able to secure Mata from Chelsea after how dismissive we were of their approaches for Rooney in the summer but, through a carefully meticulous process, we managed to secure him and Woodward should be commended for his role in that. It looks like he might be finding his feet when it comes to player transfers.

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