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Mata may already be getting the Rooney treatment from Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata has indicated that David Moyes has told him his transfer plans for Manchester United, in all likeliness to persuade him Old Trafford was the right place for his career.

Yesterday, some United fans were up in arms about Moyes reportedly divulging his transfer plans with Wayne Rooney, so presumably they will be equally as irked by Moyes talking to Mata about future transfers.

Mata’s confident point that United will definitely succeed because of the players that will join the summer certainly hints towards the Spaniard knowing more than most.

“This season they [United] had some unlucky moments that they didn’t deserve,” Mata said.

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“It is very important for us and for the club that we finish in a position that enables us to play in the Champions League next season. It is what this club deserves because it has always played in the Champions League.

“I like pressure. It’s good when people are expecting big things from you. I am looking forward to try to make all these amazing fans happy.

“Everything is going to be fine, with the squad we have, with the players who will come in the summer. This club will be successful for sure.”

Moyes could set a dangerous precedent that has the ability to backfire. What if United then fail to land the targets he has discussed? That could cause some problems.

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However, Moyes’ policy of telling his top players who he intends to sign shouldn’t be seen as a problem if that transparency is a way for Moyes to motivate the players to believe in where the club is going. Right now, United are going through a rough patch and injecting that belief is what the squad needs.

Moyes is entitled to man-manage his players however he sees fit and the marked turnaround in Rooney’s performances indicates he is doing something right.

Of course, Moyes is no dimwit. He would not divulge the information if he wasn’t 100% confident he could land the players discussed and given how well United did to sign Mata in January, I have every confidence that is a sign of things to come.

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