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Moyes’ fierce warning shot to players shows he’s right for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has warned every Manchester United player that if they do not improve their performances, they will simply be sold for a better player.

When Moyes arrived at Old Trafford, he was understandably nervous. He had just walked into the biggest job in football and didn’t want to tread on anyones toes.

However, a few months into the job, Moyes is now comfortable enough in his surroundings and confident that he knows his squad enough to publicly lambast them where necessary, as he only wants players who want to play for the United badge on their chest.

“I am not going to accept it,” he told The Guardian.

“I am disappointed we are not in a much stronger position. I am disappointed with how we have played. I, ultimately, take the rap for that. But what I will do is make it right. I am going to get better players in. Unfortunately I don’t think there will be more in January. But it will change.

“I have given every player the opportunity to play and show what they can do. We have had a pretty good chance to have a look at it. The players have to perform. If they want to be here and making sure they have a jersey, they have to show it in the games.

“Undoubtedly this club wants to be at the top. We want to be challenging. At this moment in time we have failed to do that. We want to do something about it.”

I’ve been waiting all season to hear Moyes say something like this. That’s the fiery spirit we knew he had kept a lid on. That’s the sort of personality trait Sir Alex Ferguson saw.

Moyes is spot on too. Currently, hardly any players at the club are giving their all on the pitch and it simply isn’t good enough for United. We need a team who are willing to fight for themselves but right now, that fighting spirit is dwindling. Moyes’ fighting talk should breath life back into it.

The season might not have gone to plan so far but Juan Mata‘s signing can hopefully turn our misfortunes around and judging from Moyes’ strong tones, he won’t have it any other way.

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