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Adnan Januzaj needs to distance himself from England

by Sam Peoples

Adnan Januzaj was all over the back page of The Sun today as they ran with the story that he wanted to commit his international future to England, running quotes from one of his ‘pals’.

The 18-year-old is still yet to decide where to pledge his international future to but if he was to wait a few more years, he would be eligible to choose England under the homegrown rule.

However, I think he should distance himself from the thought of playing for England despite the fact that Roy Hodgson wants him.

Jack Wilshere, Tom Ince, Billy Stark are but a few of the people who have kicked up a fuss about the possibility of a homegrown player joining the England set-up before anything is even remotely close to happening – why would Januzaj want to walk into an environment that could be immediately hostile when he could choose another country like Albania where he will considered a national icon?

If he wants top class international future, he should play for Belgium. If he wants to be a cult hero, he should choose Albania or Kosovo.

There is a fair argument that if Januzaj loves his football at United then why not correlate that by playing for England but Januzaj is someone who is driven by principles and loyalty, none more so than to his family.

Of course, Januzaj has admitted that his father will have the final decision on who his son will play international football for which makes it even less likely he could play for England despite the press’ best efforts at wooing him. Januzaj may end up choosing Albania, Belgium or even Kosovo as the country he pledges allegiance to but England should not be an option he considers

Do you think Adnan Januzaj should consider pledging allegiance to England?

Image: Twitter/daily-mail

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