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Another reason for Manchester United fans to love Juan Mata

by Sam Peoples

When Juan Mata was a Chelsea player, it was hard to dislike him because he always presented himself so well and he has continued that at Manchester United.

Open, honest and with a smooth jazz type of voice, Mata is such a likeable person and unlike a lot of footballers, he knows how to write eloquently too which is unsurprising really given that he has studied for a double degree whilst being a professional footballer.

Every Monday, Mata pens his thoughts about the previous week on his personal blog and his musings give United fans a real chance to know the inner thoughts and workings of our new record signing. It’s a rare opportunity to gain an insight from a player and an excellent way to learn a little more about what goes on inside Mata’s head.

Here is an extract from his blog that he released today:

“As I write this I keep thinking about all the things that have happened in the last week… And I do that still from the hotel room where I live since I arrived in Manchester a week ago. For the next posts I hope I can write from my own house; I’m looking forward to find it! I think it’s important to find a home as soon as possible, and there are very nice areas to live here in Manchester.

As I already said, the reception from the club has been great to be honest. Both my team mates and the fans are making me feel very comfortable since the first day. In terms of football, we all hope to start a good run of results and to climb up in the Premiership table. The week started with a victory against Cardiff. It was my first game with United, and it was in Old Trafford. I can assure you that I will never forget that night. The reception from the fans was unbelievable. And the ovation when I was substituted, amazing. You get goose bumps…

Unfortunately, we didn’t win our second game of the week, in Stoke. It’s a tricky stadium, and the wind was not a good help to play football, but I honestly think that we didn’t deserve to lose. We were really unlucky with their first goal, and it reflects what the game was. We tied the score and we felt we could win, but right afterwards we conceded a second goal in a divided ball. We had good chances, yet we couldn’t score. We went back home with no points, feeling that we just can’t lose this kind of games again. I hope that piece of luck we are missing will come to our side, because we are struggling even with injuries. In Stoke, our two centre-backs had to leave the pitch before halftime. However, as I said before, I’m sure we will start a good streak and get better results.

Many of you are asking me about the number 8 on my shirt. I think it’s a nice and important number, and I hope it brings me luck! What a coincidence: this is the eighth day since I signed with United. Very intense days, and very emotional as well. It’s not easy to assimilate all this in such a short period, but it becomes easier with your help. The truth is I feel very comfortable on the pitch with my team mates. More and more after every game…”

Image: Twitter/MUFC_NL

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